The story of Hinkler Church has been one of God’s providence every step of the way. Just last Sabbath I heard our head elder Clive, retell the story of how we came to secure our building. It made me smile because even though it occurred before I moved to the area I know the story and retell it with the same emotion as if it were my own.

Our church is like that, the community spirit and culture is infectious. I guess that is why we have (despite many obstacles) still grown at a steady rate over the years. We now have a vibrant community of believers who are excited about mission and serving our community. The problem is, since purchasing our own property we have been undergoing the slow process of converting this former child-minding centre to a functional church facility. Until we complete the work and receive final inspection from council we are not allowed to run any publicly advertised programs which is greatly hampering our evangelistic efforts.

On March 3 the conference wide offering is going toward our biggest expenses, primarily a carpark that meets council regulations. Other features that require attention involve disabled access including bringing the disabled toilet up to current specification. These projects together with the general finishing off of the buildings would literally take us years to afford on our own. So on March 3 if you feel the Holy Spirit moving you to do so, please give generously to the conference wide offering so we, as a church can finally reach our community to our full capacity!

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