Pr Brett Townend Interview

While Pr Brett Was here, we took the opportunity to sit down and talk about some of his insight and experiences.

Eastercamp 2018

Each year, many of our members attend Easter camp at Lake Monduran, here are some video highlights from the camp this year.

Conference Wide offering

The story of Hinkler Church has been one of God’s providence every step of the way. Just last Sabbath I heard our head elder Clive, retell…

Four Join the Family

Tony, Vince, Paul and Charlie all decided to commit their lives to the Lord. It was a truly high Sabbath as we welcomed them into fellowship.

Channel 28 Family Program

All welcome to the “Channel 28” Children & Family Program on Saturday, 28 October, 2017, at 5:30 pm. There will be worship time for the kids followed by light refreshments and games. Venue: Coral Coast Christian School, 18 Walters Street, Bundaberg North

Cedarvale Session #3 – High Energy Living

In September we invited “Cedarvale on the Road” to run a series of programs , the notes that follow are the main points from their third session (Losing weight without losing your mind). Enjoy! ---------------------------------- Feeling tired? Got a...