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Today's message, the fifth church, was brought to us by Kevin Tregenza. The message to Sardis has interesting historical significance. Listen along to find out more.


The fourth church may have been the smallest of the seven, but the message it received was the largest of them all. Strap yourself in, this one is amazing! Just as Jesus counseled this church, let us strive for excellence.


Strap yourself in for the fourth installment of our series on the seven churches. Today, Alan Zana, takes us through the message to the church in Pergamum in a narrative style Bible study.


The second of the seven churches is Smyrna - the suffering church. In this message Pr Mark does a great job of bridging the gap between Smyrna and our lives today. This message may be especially for you!! Listen in and see what the Spirit says to you.


Part 2 in our series of messages about the Seven churches is here. In today's message, Clive talked to us about some of the historical significance to the message that this church received and made a very practical application to our lives today. Listen in and see...

An Introduction to the Seven Churches

Today's message was the first in a series of sermons on the Seven Churches of the book of Revelation. Being the first part of the series, this message was an introduction for the series. So strap yourself in for the ride, beginning here. We hope you enjoy!

Mindful Forgiveness

Today we had a welcome reminder of what it looks like to truly forgive, as well as a challenge to receive God's primary forgiveness and live free! Thank you Dan and family for your visit.

Why Jesus Waits

Today we had a challenging message. Quite possibly one of Pr Mark's favourite topics, the sermon was about the conditional nature of prophecy. I'm not going to give any more than that away, so you'll just have to listen in to find out more. 

The Last Supper

Today we celebrated the Lord's Supper at church. Before we participated in the service Mark shared a great message with us to remind us of exactly what Jesus wants us to remember during this service. 

Down, But not Out

Today's message was a great reminder of God's faithfulness to forgive, cleanse and restore us when we fail. All it takes is for us to call out to Him with an honest heart for He never leaves us, or forsakes us.

The Prodigal Son

Today, on a special Sabbath when Marguerite was commiting herself to God through baptism, we had a lovely walk through the parable of the prodigal son. Listen along, I think you will find yourself immensely blessed by it!

What Jesus taught about Marriage

Today Pr Mark spoke to us about God's beautiful plan for marriage. "Divorce was never God's intention... He didn't intend that people would be looking for a way out." Listen in with us.

In The Beginning…God

This week we had the privilege of another visiti from our brother Glenn Hokin. He presented a well reasoned defence for belief in a six day creation. Listen along, I'm sure you will learn a lot!

The Man with the Donkey

Today's sermon was an ANZAC special. Because we celebrated ANZAC Day this past week our Pastor decided to take a moment to talk about the brave ANZAC spirit of John Simpson Kirkpatrick and another man who was an even greater example of the kind of courage and...


The message today brought to our attention some of the essentials for Salvation. Of course, this is not meant to be comprhensive, but it surely is conclusive - we need to get to know the living Word of God through the written Word of God!

Our Greatest Need

This week we had the privilege of having Neville Peter come and share with us. Please enjoy his children's story, special music and sermon. "You can't have love without righteousness, and you can't have righteousness without love."

Waiting for the Messiah

Today's message was a kick in the backside - reminding us that Jesus is coming very soon and we ought to be getting ready to meet Him now! How would you live today if you knew Jesus was coming next week? Jesus wants us to be an active witness today!

Family – Stewards of God’s Property

Today Pr Mark shared an inspiring message that challenged us to consider that we are also stewards for both our own children, and the children of our church. Go on, have a listen and see if you aren't inspired to take your responsibility more seriously.