This week Mark shared the fifth installment of our series on Stewardship. Due to having the Communion service, it was a shorter message, but no less powerful. Tune in if you are keen for the challenge!

The Stewardship of Time

Today's sermon, the last in our Stewardship series, was a practical message that challenged us to consider the value of time. Luke sandwiched some practical advice about how we can 'redeem the time' around the story of Joseph - a wise steward of opportunity.

Supporting the Work

Today's message was a very practical study about the duty that each one of us has to use our specific gifts to support God's work. Tune in with us and see if you can't find your place in the interconnected web that is God's work.

A Lifestyle of Generosity

The third message in our latest series on Stewardship was a call to a lifestyle of generosity - systematic giving. We shouldn't need to be emotionally manipulated in order to give. It can be something that we incorporate into our lives. Listen along with us!

A Dare from God

Today's message was part two of our series on stewardship and it was about finanical giving - specifically tithes and offerings. Strap yourself in and join Dave for a challenging message!

Stewards of God’s Property

Today, For the beginning of our newest series on Stewardship, Pastor Mark brought us a really good introductory message that focused on the parable of the Talents. Mark challenged us to think about stewardship as much more than just finances, but rather taking every...